Traffic Jam


When I look at this shot I think of traffic jams. I had parked at a pull out along the #16 highway in Jasper

just past a sheep crossing sign, hiked about 30 minutes up a steep knoll and found myself amongst a bachelor

group of rams. I spent hours moving slowly along with them as they fed near the top of the knoll.

A couple of hours into this a herd of ewes and lambs trotted by on their way down to the highway. There they

caused a traffic jam of tourists, semis and travellers. I could not help but compare the noisy (angry truck drivers)

scene below to the peaceful grassy meadow that I was in and it made me extremely grateful to have gone for that

long 30 minute hike off the highway.


Bighorn Ram, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Print # ABJAS_1230